Audit Visits

Preparing for on-site audit

Questions you must be able to answer


Compliance Plan template

Current template

Guidelines for annual review of the compliance plan


Criminal history checks


Education of Children and Youth

Refusal of permission form


Education of Parents

Maintaining a Safe Environment

Maintaining a Safe Environment (Spanish)

About the Personal Safety Curriculum

About the Personal Safety Curriculum (Spanish)

Dangers on the Internet

Dangers on the Internet (Spanish)


Educational Resources



Child care during Mass or other events (forms)

Home-based Religious Education

Homeless shelter programs

Guidelines for Pastoral Use of Technology

Response to sexting or cyber-bullying

Outings with children and youth (plus associated forms)

Home-based religious education


Initial Orientation

The Mandatory Reporting Law of the State of Arizona

La ley de denuncia obligatoria del estado de Arizona

Prevention of and Response to Sexual Misconduct, Summary Statement


Ministry to Vulnerable Adults

Model SOP for Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound

Resources for Ministry to Elders


Policy and Protocol

Guidelines for the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Misconduct

Credentialing of Visiting and Seasonal Clergy

Packet for Deacons New to the Diocese

Schools, Law Enforcement Access



Personnel Spreadsheet

Education Log

Sheet


Reporting suspicion of abuse

Child Abuse Report Form 

Response to Signs of Abuse

SOP for Reporting Potential Abuse


Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Writing an SOP

General Elements of an SOP

Common Elements of an SOP for Religious Education

SOP for Coaches

SOP for Youth Coaches

Model SOP for Religious Education

Model SOP for Whole Parish

Model SOP for Reporting Potential Abuse

Model SOP for the Establishment of a New Ministry

Model SOP for Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound

Model SOP for Fiesta Volunteers

Model SOP for Ushers

Model SOP for St. Vincent de Paul Conference


Volunteers, classification and management

Summary statements on LRVs

Guidelines for screening, parish

Guidelines for screening, school

Community Service Volunteers

Knights of Columbus and the SEP

Youth Ministry

Youth Code of Conduct

Youth working with younger children

Youth ministry adult code of conduct, general SOP

Young adults in youth groups

Checklist for a trip off parish property

Driver Information Form

General SOP for Youth Ministry

Estandar de procedimiento (SOP) para Ministerio Juvenil